Organized Around Your Work

Doesn’t it seem backwards that we’ve trained ourselves to organize our business content around our applications? Communication in email, documents in local and cloud folders, tasks in a To-Do app. Gabitat lets you organize your applications around your work. Grab your stuff and let’s get to work!

Organized Around Work 2

All Business

Conversation is at the heart of teamwork, but many business social networks degenerate to “water cooler discussions”. That’s because it’s easier to post a picture of your dog than to attach relevant business objects. By making it easy to bring objects as diverse as Google Docs, YouTube videos, Salesforce opportunities, Zendesk tickets or Slideshare presentations into the conversation, Gabitat keeps the conversation focused on the team’s mandate. Gab it up!

Focused Conversation

Email Grey

It’s not about eliminating email. It’s about using the right tool for the right job. Free up your inbox for what it does best: private conversations with a couple of people.

Cloud Ours

Using lots of great cloud applications? Gabitat brings those tools together in a virtual suite. Cloud apps become far more powerful when brought together in the context of your team’s work.

Unlocked Lock

Don’t waste time searching for messages, files, tasks or other project content. It’s all in the workspace. Unlock your productivity. Convert that time to progress on your goals.